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L39C-ZA and Helios !

Capt Zeen

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Hello all !

Just a quick update:


I started a new L39C-ZA Helios profile !

Exports are almost ready, next week i am going to start with the art.




First screenshot: Main panel from forward cockpit, still working on some instruments.








I am really busy those weeks and i don´t have a lot spare time for Helios.

So, you can use the profile in his actual state if you want.

Only the main dashboard implemented.


download here


Let me know how it goes.






Back again, i start working on the side panels:
















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Glad you haven't retired. Will you be done in time to begin the Viggen?

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Great work. Your profiles really take the DCS experience to a higher level.


Can't wait for Viggen


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I like it :thumbup:

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Very nice! Me and my friend just have tested, looks great and all gauges works well. Exactly what was expected and required, since we are engaged into deep study of L-39C flights. Thank you very much!


Lack of functionality related to switches for me is fully OK, as I'm going to assemble physical switches in cabin and have no idea to click on the screen) Same for side panels.


Do you or does anybody know what is actual size of panel or one of the gauges? Just want to set 1:1 scale on my 28' inches screen.



Looks like RKL (radio compass) has negative function.

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