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Tiny FC3 F-15C CENC sound mod.


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This little sound mod introduces the exhaust nozzle position change (or simply CENC - convergent exhaust nozzle controller) noise. Here you can hear what I'm talking about:



Modification itself isn't very sophisticated and not very "high tech". It just replaces odd "AfterburnStage" file, so it can be heard when you turn on afterburners in F-15. The sound is very distinctive for PW F-100 engines. There are sound files for that in the folder structure, but they are not utilized yet.

The biggest con of my mod is the fact that you can hear it only while engaging afterburners, and if you do that slowly enough to let it go through all stages, the result is quite funny. Yet again - it's rather a nice addition than a full blown sound modification; I cannot magically make CENC sound files come to life ;)


Sound in game can be heard only from the back (obviously), up to 200-300m or so. Now, depending on whether you are using or not any sound mods, you may need to adjust gain of the sample being played. Do that by simply going into sounds -> sdef and go for "AfterburnStage.sdef" There you will see gain option. Modify it to your liking. Can't give any guidelines though; it's trial and error. 1.1 value works for me and modded sounds I use.



Simply copy the "Sounds" directory into your DCS root folder. Make sure to backup original files.


This mod is provided "as is". You may use it, modify it and republish it as you wish (though I would prefer linking to this thread at least ;) ).


Short video of mod in action:


Grab mod here:




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