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** DCS: AJS-37 WIP Pre-Release Manual Released! **


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Hi Everyone!


We're really excited to share with you, the first public draft of the AJS-37 Manual!

Those of you who will be flying the Viggen, will be spending plenty of time with this document; and we hope we have been able to adequately and appropriately cover the aircraft and its' assorted systems.


This version of the manual is still a work in progress, and comes with some caveats


  • A few items/topics are missing

  • Spelling and grammatical issues are likely

  • Various images are missing

..and probably some other various errors, inconsistencies and missing items.


That said, feedback is still greatly appreciated!





Happy reading!



Edited by Cobra847
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Nicholas Dackard


Founder & Lead Artist

Heatblur Simulations



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Excellent :D


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Thanks cobra

More news to the front

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Jihaaa.......Thank you....thank you.......thank you. You're the best!!! Three week of study!:D:book::thumbup:

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Thank You, LN Team!

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Thanks for the book! :)


P. 201, Ground power.

In real life, ground power would already be connected and applied when the pilot enters the aircraft. It will also disconnect and actually fall off the aircraft connector automatically after engine start is complete.

I don't know if this is possible to simulate in DCS..?

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