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Spitfires added to the Black Sheep Training mission


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Not all Black Sheep members have purchased to Spitty yet, but we have added 4 aircraft to our P-51D vs The Luftwaffe, and ground pounding mission.


To say that our success against the German aircraft has improved is a drastic understatement! The climb performance against both the 190 and 109 is astounding. We have found ourselves caught a little off guard "at first" with the closure rates we get particularly on the 109 in the vertical.


The pitch characteristics are surprising as well... Flying the narrow critical-angle-of-attack and quick departure characteristics currently modeled in the Pony initially made us a bit timid when pulling to the vertical.


The Take-off handling can be a bit squirrely, but I've pretty much mastered the landings. I found putting in a curve of about 30 into the break axis with my CH Rudder Pedals gives me very stable directional control during landing roll out. I make approaches at 120mph, flare over the numbers about 100mph, then bleed down almost stalling right at a 3-point touchdown, then apply breaking. Dead center roll out every time. :thumbup:


Nice new addition in the DCS WWII stable. Makes one want to abandon the P-51D due to its characteristic inadequacies in this arena.





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