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rudder pedals not recognised


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I'm setting up a new computer and most of it goes well. One exeption: in DCS world 1.5 my CH rudder pedals aren't recognised (the axis I mean: the device is listed). They do work in the CH control manager and in another flight sim, but DCS is blind to them so far.


See setup / axis screen below. As I have understood, it is a matter of clearing the right cell, selecting it, clicking Axis Assign and moving the rudder axis. If I do, nothing happens. I have also looked at the Add screen. In only shows the 3 HOTAS axis to assign: roll, pitch and throttle.


In the all commands screen I have cleared all related flight control key assignments.


Any ideas?


How (s)low can you go

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select correct cell (as you have in your screenshot), then click 'add'.

Now move the rudder pedals back and forth a few times until they are registered.

For some reason, my CH pedals are slow to register, yours may be the same.

Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.5GHz. Asus-Z170-PRO MB


EVGA GTX 1080Ti FTW3 Elite.


SAMSUNG M.2 SSD 128GB SM951 Boot Drive.

SAMSUNG SSD 500GB EVO Working Drive.

Windows 10 Professional

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