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hi guys , i have a big problem here , dcs world wont start & crashes to desktop even after i have updated it to the latest version , & an error says : this application was unable to start correctly 0x000001d .

this starts to happen after i have reinstalled my windows ..

is there any solution plz ?

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Please do not cross post, I have merged them here.


Please attach your whole logs folder zipped and we will take a look


A guide is in my signature


also what are the full specifications of your pc?


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ouch :megalol:


What that means is that you run your windows without ANY updates applied as they need SP1 to be installed prior to the 290+ updates that follow afterwards.


I am a system builder and can see bad things happen soon.


Try to download a cumulative service pack that holds all those 290 updates in one pack, go OFFLINE and SET YOUR WINDOWS UPDATES TO "DISABLED" !!!


then install the pack, wait a few hours, could be 10h+ on slow machines.


It will ask for at least 2 reboots pretty soon, stay with it till the 2nd boot has taken place, then you can walk away until finsihed.


##Doing those 290+ updates via MS-Updates can take DAYS for searching and downloading alone, been there too often and use the Winfuture Service Pack for a long time now. Works like a charm.


Check for such a pack that supports your language, the winfure.de pack might only apply to german language based Windows.



Windows is still stupid when it comes to updating itself, all others do this in a fraction of the time.

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