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Sidewinder & X-56 Rhino with Ka-50 = Wowski!!

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My aged G940 is unfortunately starting to show it's age (over 6 years now) and is going down the slippery slope, so, after trying and not liking the CH Pro throttle and Fighter Stick, I decided to risk getting the Logitech, nee Saitek, X-56.


I say "risk" because I've seen a lot of people complaining about it. Well, to be precise, I would call it the usual whining. i.e. just moaning without any reasonable points being made or solutions offered etc. But a couple of people I trust have given it good results, so I went for it with the refund from the CH kit.


As I had to go a day without a HOTAS, I decided to have a laugh and plug in my old MS Sidewinder Precision Pro this morning, in an online session with the lads (complete with 15 pin gameport to USB adapter!), with the Ka-50. It was awesome! Seriously - it was the best control I have ever had over this helicopter. 3 nice landings in a row - two on Kusnetzov (one of those on the ski-ramp, at an angle) in my first proper Shark session in a long time. That's also using the Sidewinder slider for collective, and the keyboard for yaw control! :music_whistling:


However, this evening my X-56 arrived and after the usual playing around with the software, choosing all kinds of silly colours for the LEDs (I settled on pink! :D ), I set it up for the VR UI and the Ka-50 controls, put on my Rift and went off on a combat mission.


Now, did I say that the Sidewinder Precision Pro was the best stick I'd used for the Shark so far? Well it was - for a bout 6 hours!

This X-56 was just perfect. I put in the strongest spring, which helps with the trim re-centering thing no end, and it was just brilliant.


Two lessons.


1> Just because it's 18 years old and says "Microsoft" on the side, doesn't mean it won't do the job. And do it well.


2> Just because lots of people are complaining (or whining) about how crap something is - doesn't mean it really is crap. Trust the silent majority, who are so pleased with their kit, they are busy flying instead of complaining about it.


True, it might yet fall apart, but this is about how good it is as a HOTAS in the sim. And apart falling can be fixed.




PS: Previous HOTAS = X52 and Warthog, in addition to the G940 and CH kit.

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The sad part with the G940 is that then when it dies, you are left without FF stick. So if you are custom to get the Force Feedback, it is better to get used to traditional stick.

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