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Challenge Campaign (DE) Mission 14 and 20 not completing


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i bought the P-51D package just prior to the holidays. Sadly i noticed two missions so far that won't complete correctly. The following is for the missions in the german tree of the campaign, as i have the german client.


The first was mission number 14. If mission was unsuccesfull it would reset campaign to mission 13. Also if completed the campaign would not move on, but start again at mission 14.


I could solve this problem by setting a flag to the correct state. It seems this was already a known bug in the EN campaign and solved there. Atleast when i looked into the EN mission in mission editior the flag was correct and than i changed the flag in DE mission to same condition and worked out.


But now i am stuck in mission 20 kill unarmed helis. The mission just won't succeed after the 2nd heli is down. I get the message for the 1st kill. But if i than down the 2nd heli nothing happens. I already waited 5 minutes after killing it to see if there was a timer, but no. If i leave, even with both helis down, campaign won't move on.


Already checked the mission in the editor and compared the DE and EN files. Flags seems correctly and no difference between condition settings in both. What is odd, if i select the heli group, the unit counter resets to one and is stuck there, not possible to again increase heli count to 2 or more.


So currently my campaign is stuck at mission 20 and i can't move on. Any ideas?

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