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Very immersive. Fog of war !


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I' m now at mission 6. I failed twice mission 5 (was destroyed by a Sam, and then air-to-air missile). Mission 5 was difficult for me. A night Sweep with high level defenses. I went on with mission #6 cause Red Flag exercise won't stop just for me to get by.

Mission 6 is a B-1 flight escort, daytime. Very intense too. I love the ambiance. There are so many planes around, lot of radio chat. I lost sight of the bombers when they went low. I fired 5 amraam at distant contacts (Mig 23 mostly according to Nctr) and they all missed. According to Tacview, for 2 of them, there were no enemies targeted... Weird.

Anyway, a good time above the Nellis range. Will try again mission 6.


Thanks to the authors. Very good work !


PS : btw, Pontiac 1 landed at Tonopah before bombing its target. Maybe the recent addition of new airfields gives strange behaviour of some AI aircrafts from this older campaign..



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