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My First RC Plane for Christams


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Hello Fellow DCS-ers,


This Christmas my wife got me a GoPro and my in-laws got me a RC Plane. I asked my wife for one because a buddy and coworker of mine just recently got into flying them and has been wanting somebody to fly with. He loaned me the controller and batteries so all I needed was the airframe.


He had a Yak with retractable landing gear and flaps and he also had a go pro that he just got for Christmas and mounted it to it. Unfortunately he had a nasty crash and we were only able to salvage the SD card from it. He will be uploading the FPV to youtube and I will link it here. Here is my recording of it (I had my GoPro sideways all day not realizing it :cry:):



And here is the Slow Motion of the Crash:


After such a heartbreaking event it was scary to proceed with my first flight where I had an instant discovery after take off that my aileron controls were reversed. This lead to a pretty fast crash of my own:



Slow motion of my crash:



The good news is that my buddy who was not only in the Airforce, but is now a mechanical engineer and quite handy. He had spare parts, glue, wood sticks and some know how to get us back up and running in no time. Even though the whole nose of the fuselage broke off. I started getting used to the controls and flew half way descent for the remainder of the flights. I had no left nose gear steering after smacking the ditch. He helped me trim because I was getting used to where the controls were.



I was even able to perform some tricks such as Hammer Heads, Immelmans, and a loop!



He put a heavier battery in and a 3 blade prop from my original 2 blade that we chipped on "landing".



I have been trying to get him into this sim but he hasn't got the computer to handle it right now. He attributes me picking up the RC quickly to all my sim time.


I thought I was going to run into us a couple times.



It truly was a blast. He suggested that I get a more advanced (expensive) plane but I said I will practice with this one much more first. :smilewink:

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