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DCS integrity check manifest.x86_64


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As you can see in the title of the thread, i have a problem with the integrity check.


because of that i can't join any server and it's pretty annoying.


I got an error message poping at the screen when i try to join a server: mods/aircraft/f-15c/dcs_manifest.x86_64


It won't let me join.


So i tried to look in this path and the files is here.


I ran a dcs repair, does nothing.


So any help would be appricieted, because i really want to play OpenConflict server


Thank you.

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go to where the file is....in dcs and delete it then repair.


done, nothing change, and the repair doesn't download the missing manifest.





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it may be worth using jsgme to manage your mods, you can remove and install them with one click. makes integrity check and up dates a snap. there are detailed instructions even I could follow in the Mods forom

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I have the same issue after updating to! And I tried to uninstall and reinstall de module BUT that doesn't work. I only can enable and disable the module but can't uninstall it in DCS.

So I think that my solution is to just uninstall the whole DSC.

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go into your Eagle Dynamics/DCS World/bin folder.


There, hold Left Shift and right click and click "Open Command window here."


Then, type the following exactly as printed:


DCS_updater.exe cleanup


this will delete all non official files


then do a dcs repair


DCS_updater.exe repair


hope it helps

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