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Scripted Vehicle Waypoints, vehicles stop short of waypoint

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Hi all!


I've been trying to avoid vehicles being eaten/driven underneath/submerged or hidden by farps for quite a while now. I've come down to writing a script that defines certain zones around a farp and selecting a random point inside that zone (100% outside of the farp-pad). I then run a script that creates a mission table with two waypoints (initial position and the new position I calculated) and sets it off using Controller.setTask(), I can also confirm the position of the waypoint is correct due to the flag that pops at the point, and the unit starts moving (all groups have one one single unit).


Unfortunately in at least 50% of the cases, the unit stops short of the runway, and guess what? In many cases those units end up standing right ON the pad, where I want them to stay away from :(



Does anyone have experience or a clue if or what I could do to make sure the units arrive at the designated location, and dont stop randomly between ~150 or 20m short of it? It is driving me completely crazy.


Thank you!


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