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How Do You Reverse An axis

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I have the Komodo Cyclic and Collective and need to reverse the x axis on the collective.


Had a hard time to program the collective, I assigned it to Joy X but it was not reacting in the sim,I checked it in windows so I know it was working.


I assigned it quite a few time and finally it worked, but now it shows up as Joy_Z;Joy_X?

It did this by itself I only assigned Joy_X.


Now the problem is that the collective is reversed!!

To raise the collective you have to push down?

It is hard enough to fly a heli without the control working backwards!


I have read some pdf's but can not find any info on reversing an axis.


Thanks in advance

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Clear your settings for that axis. go into Settings then in control options for your axis choose Axis Settings(?) then check or uncheck Invert axis. That should be you sorted. I can only assume you had the collective throttle turning at the same time

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I Can Fly! I Can Fly!!


Thanks guys

I switched from game to Sim mode and it finally worked.

I enabled the throttle switch and it had to be inverted as well?


The throttle is not working properly because Windows calibration does not work as it should for the collective and throttle.

Don't know what other people are doing to overcome that problem, guess I will ask Richard at Komodo Simulations


Those Komodo controls are expensive but they make a world of difference in a persons ability to fly helis!!

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