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Sabre skin template quality


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Dear Belsimtek/ ED,


Please pass on this message to whoever created the Sabre skin template and the stock default skin.


I've been creating skins for a long time in different sims. In most flight sims stock skins are usually not the best, and are often there as a placeholder until the community creates better ones.


This cannot be said about the Sabre. The default USAF skin as well as the 39th FIS skin - and the recently released template - are a masterpiece. The colors are just perfect. Not too bright, not too faded. The metal has the perfect color and the spec file is the best one I've ever come across. It is so believable! Not mirror-like, overly polished, but not just gray either, just the right amount of reflections. The texture of the reflections is just brilliant. It really looks like an aircraft that is flying missions every day in wartime.


All in all, hats off to the person who did all this!



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