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Showcasing Moose, the Missile trainer

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Attached is a simple misison to showcase the Missile trainer module of MOOSE. It's purpose is show how you can have missiles tell you when they WOULD have killed you and provide visual feedback to the screen via text of:




-HEADING + RANGE to missile in flight!


Chat can be configured by F10 menu to supress the announcements in all or part, so you can tune it. Documentation is at http://flightcontrol-master.github.io/MOOSE/Moose%20Training/Documentation/index.html (edit the lua true or false one liners in the Moose_Test_MISSILETRAINER.lua inside the mission file)


Use cases: Dogfight practice with your friends lasts a lot longer! Score your online matches or prevent players from shooting others down on your server! Learn how to evade SAM's much better! Train with the AI!


For more information please stop by the MOOSE forum threads and/or join the MOOSE development chat channel to contribute to this fantastic tool.


For more documentation see the MOOSE github repo https://github.com/FlightControl-Master/MOOSE


Please direct specific questions to the MOOSE thread in the forum.


(note MOOSE is a work in progress and subject to development changes in reaction to DCS code changes, I have added a method to make the missiles lethal and back again as an additional menu item which is not part of the script and has not been fully tested (feature request is made)


Happy Dodging!




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With some vector calculations it should also be possible to determine a % probability hit... Found the maths to do that, but time....



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