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DCS Update 2 Multiple Bugs


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Hey, i've notice couple of bugs on the actual version of DCS. I'm talking about thoses after performing a real life comparison.


1. Landing light didn't have "Light Effect":


+ I don't know if it's correct but they are controller by the "Exterior Nav" Knob(Extract & Retract" and the light "halo" ont he ground as well.) EDIT: Ok Just finished to read the manual and this action is right, my bad.

+ In Multiplayer other aircraft are bugged and have the Landing light extracted in flight.


Exterior Nav On(Landing Light Switch On):



Exterior Nav Off(Landing Light Switch On):



And a little point, the magnetic compass vertical mouvement is really huge, make it unreadable at 70% of the time.


As always test where performed with a vanilla game version.





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