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Missions 01-04, startup, nav, landing - feedback


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M-2000C is out for quite a while and had undergo a lot of changes during last time. With the training missions released I thought it's probably good time to consolidate knowledge about the plane.

At start I have to say that I like the training missions quite a lot. Also the French accent voice is a nice touch. I've run into few issues though.



The startup sequence doesn't seem like the standard one included in the manual. It might be interesting for someone knowing the module from some time as it gives an opportunity to try out something different but I guess for someone new as it's different from manual it can be confusing. I wouldn't be surprised if some new folks ask on forums if connecting a ground power is mandatory or not.



Probably just a formality but it would be good to have a takeoff training mission before actually going into navigation - just to follow the convention of training missions for other modules.


INS and navigation

1.) Either I'm doing something wrong or the HSI thin needle doesn't seem to work in Cv NAV and Cm NAV modes.

It supposed to be pointing towards the VOR/ILS station - which I guess (as it's not clearly stated in the manual) is set according to the ILS frequency. It changes it's position after setting the ILS frequency but after that it just stays fixed all the time.


2.) INS drift and update

Drift seems to be always more or less to the same direction west/south. I'm not sure how it should be in reality but I could imagine that it's more random. This isn't probably a big issue though.

The bigger one is that actually the update doesn't seem to work as an INS update but like an implementation of drift reset. During the update the position should be updated to the one that is being overflown or pointed by the radar. It looks however that this position it is actually ignored. Intentionally I've tried to fly an update the INS in some other place. It was more or less 1nm mile away from correct landmark position which should suffice the <15nm requirement. Anyway the position was not set to the one that the plane overflew, just the drift was reset.


3.) RD/TD

There is separate thread related to it according to which RD seems to work, though I didn't manage to get it working during the training mission. Probably I need to try once more. TD is not working. Apart of that manual pretty much doesn't describe those functions.


4.) Entering the landing point values in PCN

Basically CP/PD, ALT and L/G. I've used Kobuleti. L/G is easy, same for ALT (just used the values from APT data on F10 map). CP - I've used 70deg, PD 3deg. I'm not so sure about the glide slope value. Anyway with correct ILS freq dialed in, APP mode selected and settings as above the synthetic runway didn't show up.


Those aren't issues with the training missions itself. On the other hand I'm thinking if they haven't been released too soon. Maybe it's better to hold on flying them till the modules is more feature complete as also the manual is updated.




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Start up.

I agree that some harmonization is in order. Let's let Zeus some time to update the manual, it's a big task in itself (and he does much more).

In the meantime, remember this: GPU is SOP. No GPU is doable, but requires specific check list and implies degraded INS (engine vibrations during alignment = bad thing)


Point 1 : (from my last test a few weeks ago) VOR works as intended. I guess you're doing doing it wrong or a new bug was born recently.


Point 2 is interesting. Should be a bug report for the module, not the training mission per se.


Point 3 : as written elsewhere, TD works but RD is not (yet) implemented.


Point 4 : AFAIK, the (first release) temporary requirement to have the landing point set in editor is still in order. The CP/PD are, as RD, WIP/to be done ;)




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In the mission 3 (INS navigation) how to clear or rewrite the existing mark points (m91-m93)? Is it possible? What should i do for create a new mark point?


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