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AT-3 Sagger


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I wish that I could post a video of this problem but I don't have the software. I've noticed that since the most recent update, this missile is completely erratic and uncontrollable. I'm firing it from the BMP. It used to track quite nicely to the target, now it goes haywire and slams into the ground.

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Shouldn't it be a MCLOS missile instead SACLOS?


The missile requires very good controller and likely miss the target

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Some time ago, I upload a video about BMP-1, The main problem has the CA weapons has very simplified. AT-3 has MCLOS (Manual Command to Line of Sight), and need centre the target in the sight and "pilot" the missile with a joystick, expected see that and more functionality in the future.


10:55 Fire AT-3




From: http://www.steelbeasts.com/files/file/1582-bmp-1-technical-description-and-operating-manual/

BMP-1 Technical Description and Operating Manual 1.0 /


From: http://www.steelbeasts.com/files/file/2045-actions-for-weapons-and-rules-of-shooting-from-the-bmp-1/

Actions For Weapons and Rules Of Shooting from the BMP-1 1.0 / Наставление по стрельбе из боевой машины пехоты (БМП-1)

See page: 81-92 and 137 to 148.


Some details:

AT-3 (9m14m) has a minimun range of 500m and max of 3000m (the minimum has by the initial missile climb and the time to "descend" them to "cruise" altutide) pag 141 Наставление по стрельбе из боевой машины пехоты (БМП-1)

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