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Multi player kills


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go to "Go advanced" , tick youtube logo, post only the part of video link to right of the "/" symbol between youtube tags


.......here ya go




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P-51, 190-D9, 109-K4, Spitfire MK IX, Normandy, and everything else:joystick:

i7 4770K, 4.3ghz, 32gb ram, Windows-10 Pro, Z87 Exstreme4, Corsair 850w psu, Samsung Evo 1T SSD & 250 SSD, Titan-X 12gb OC, Asus ROG Swift 27"/1440p/144hz/1ms monitor, Trackir 5, TM Warthog & 10cm extension, Saitek TPM, MFG crosswind pedals

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