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Thrustmaster Warthog Review


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After a year of using it.

Stick: no bigger issues with it. It's really sturdy. The minor problem is that after a while the movement becomes sticky. I guess something that can be easily addressed with disassembling it and properly greasing. But then again, why is it needed? Especially that doing it will void the warranty.

Throttle: great out of the box but really soon - within one month of use, the throttle handles started to develop some looseness. What makes it even worse is that I've treated it in a really delicate way as also the torque was set to minimum. With time the looseness becomes so big that it makes difficult to be precise with controlling the throttle. Might be not a total disaster for a fixed wing plane but for helicopter it's pretty much a no go. Overall I'm rather disappointed with the build quality.

Second issue: The "pinky" 3-way switch has noticeable worse quality then the others. After some time it started to stop connecting from time to time.

Third issue: 2 way switches have actually a single position seen by the software (3 way have 2 positions). Not a big problem though but makes mapping the keys a bit more difficult - special commands have to be created in DCS.


Overall: it's probably difficult to get something better for the same price but at the same time for the price I would expect better quality. The first impression is extremely positive but with time I'm rather disappointed.

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issue: 2 way switches have actually a single position seen by the software (3 way have 2 positions).


There is no much option for this: the used switches are ON-OFF (and ON-OFF-ON).


If used ON-ON switches this will cause problem with certain games because several buttons will be always pressed for Windows/Games, they are done for momentary key/button press only.


But TARGET and LUA (and some key appers) allow set commands for switches OFF state.

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