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How the heck to I get troops into my dang battle bus?

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I've been trying to get those clueless a-hole ground troops to get into my helicopter for a long time now.


Does anyone know how to set it up so I can load ground troops into my helicopter?



The embark feature goes through various states of disrepair at times. I believe that it is currently not working for the Mi8 and the Huey both.

Also, the last time it was working, the troops would not embark if there was enemy within firing range of them. It did not matter if they were under any kind of cover, the troops just would not move until the threat was taken away.

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Well I have an idea of how to do it.


Fill your chopper with:




(NOTE: Only works with non-American troops. The American troops were told by the stranger danger people to not get into the vehicles of strange men offering candy.)

Light the tires kick the fires!



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