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Cannot move door guns


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Hey guys,


I am unable to move the door guns, either with TrackIR or the mouse, even though the mouse is mapped to Gun Left/Right and Gun Up/Down in the UH-1H Gunner tab.


I also noticed that the "Camera Aiming ON/OFF" Option is not present in the OPTIONS - SPECIAL - UH-1H menu as advertised in the manual, which may have something to do with my issue.


This is both in and


Any ideas?

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OK, it took me over two hours to (partially) figure this out:


The door gun mouse control works (for me) under the following conditions:


1) When switching to a door gunner position from the pilot's seat, TrackIR Aiming (RShift+T, no menu option exists) must be ENABLED prior to the switch. After the switch, it must be disabled. If TrackIR Aiming is disabled PRIOR to the switch, moving the gun with the mouse will not work until switching back to the pilot's/copilot's seat and restarting the procedure.


2) When switching to a door gunner position from the copilot's seat, the same is true as for 1), however, the Flexible Sight must not be enabled when switching. If it is, one will not be able to move the gun with the mouse after the switch. For unknown reasons, sometimes the gun will still work even though the Flexible Sight was enabled at the time of the switch, but the only way to make sure it works is to have the Flexible Sight disabled.


3) When switching to a door gunner position from the other door gunner's position, no restrictions apply, provided mouse gun control worked with the gunner being switched from.


This is obviously bugged, but knowing the workaround at least allows one to use the door guns normally until a fix is made.


By the way, I still cannot move the copilot's gun with the mouse.

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