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New Grass


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Anyone else with the following problem in 2.0.4?


The new grass... no matter if my ground clutter slider is set to max, it only appears when I'm right on top of it, and is not drawn at a distance at all.


Also, the new grass is always brightly illuminated by the sun, even when the surrounding terrain is under a cloud shadow.

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The grass draw distance has always sucked, now it's just been applied to the new grass. It needs to be visible from at least twice as far. I don't remember if it was always lit like that, though.

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Grass is always been drawn too close. I hope that it will be 10xfar someday, then we can use bit "cleaner" textures so Lees noise detail = units bit more easy to see etc..



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The new grass was removed in version 2.0.5. I searched in the scenery and did not find it any more.


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|Monitor|: LG UltraWide 34UM68,

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