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Mod that allowed aircraft to start from anywhere


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Thanks for your quick reply, Suntsag.

Well, I was talking here as a general concept, to be honest, but at the same time I was wondering about what lines should have I to modify in those two .lua files after the last update...

I hope to having caught the sense of your speech correctly, but as a fact using those ones coming with the original mods always made DCS (open beta, of course) to crash, you see.


Any suggetions, then?

With best regards.

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Hi JagHond,


Update the following lua file: me_route.lua


Located: DCSWorldOpenBeta2.5/MissionEditor/modules


add the following lines using Notepad++ as per image below:




On completion start DCS as normal. When placing an aircraft you will now have the additional options of starting from the ground. Hope this is what you were after. Cheers.


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Do you guys notice on saving that it always changes the aircraft orientation on saving ?


Never noticed it before when starting on ground and it's inconsistent. But recently it's changing the heading of all the aircraft I'm using this for

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We had the same symptom in MOOSE code, and I thought this was an altitude issue but it's not. SpawnAtAirbase() was broken by the airbase ID changes that happened in 2.5.6. FunkyFranky fixed the airbase ID's and spawning now no longer results in a big explosion.


Whilst it's almost unexplainable why it should have this effect, the single change absolutley fixes the issue of exploding planes spawned and is nothing to do with the thread title or even cosntrained to FC3 planes.


If you post your code I can help you with it though.







could you explain ur fix plz i really would like it to work with fc3 aircraft/mods

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DO clients joining a mission with this paramaters need to have the modified LUA too or once you save the mission, it will work even without the Lua editing?


Clients do not need to modify anything. The mission maker has to have the lua modification.

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This above mentioned lua additions do indeed let me spawn certain aircraft on the ground, but there exists another problem. Adding waypoints to the flights removes them from the spawn on ground start status and spawns them in mid flight instead. Anyone have any work arounds?



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