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How to define parking position in a script ?

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I dumped an aicraft position after setting it on a take off from ramp with a specific parking spot, either route point and unit doesn't contain any parking information but x,y coords.


And when I force coordinates on a unit's "take of from ramp" waypoint, it's always spawned at parking 1. I don't know what i'm missing. (I also tried to set position directly on unit but it doesn't work either)


Exemple for vaziani, I try to set parking slot 8 (which here are the x,y coords dumped when placing the unit directly on the editor :


["route"] = {
       ["points"] = {
           [1] = {
               ["type"] = "TakeOffParking",
               ["action"] = "From Parking Area",
               ["form"] = "From Parking Area",
               ["alt_type"] = "BARO",
               ["y"] = 904239.5625,
               ["x"] = -319783.5625,
               ["airdromeId"] = 31,
               ["task"] = {
                   ["id"] = "ComboTask",
                   ["params"] = {}


But it doesn't work, any idea ?

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At present you can't define the parking spot for dynamically spawned AI. The starting position is assigned automatically. Part of that automatic process is to check to see if the spot is occupied. If you are spawning a bunch of AI at the same time there shouldn't be any 2 aircraft occupying the same spot. Aside for that I think it spawns based on the active runway.


There is a bug report/feature request for the parking to be able to be assigned, but I have no clue if or when it might actually be implemented.

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