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Grudge Match 3 - Score Betting Competition


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GMS author and acclaimed live commentary phenom, Hook, in association with Situational Awareness, Leatherneck Simulations, the Black Knights Squadron and Maple Flag Missions is pleased to announce the 3rd iteration of the F-5 Vs MiG-21 Grudge Match Series. This TvT showdown will be, once again, broadcast LIVE on TWITCH!


The main addition of this round will be LNS’s upcoming DCS module, the AJS-37 Viggen!

4 Viggens piloted by LNS guys themselves, teaming up with 4 Tigers led by experienced and #2 ranked DCS pilot, Bushmanni, will square off against 8 MiG-21’s headed by the fearless 51st PVO pilots as well as Croncat, MVP of the previous GM event!


This is a truly explosive roster made of players with extensive PvP experience so a lot of top notch air combat action will be on the menu.


We would like to spice things up by involving the community through running this betting competition - the author of the best bet will walk away with an AJS-37 Viggen DCS module!



  • 2 bets at most per person
  • Betting only starts after the match has started (clear announcement will be posted here)
  • Person that posted the best bet first will be declared winner (closest prediction to actual final score)


The setup of the mission has also been designed specifically to foster teamwork and discourage any passive play, a video presenting it in detail and more info can be found here:








- Team Tiggen will win 20-16

- Team Fishbed will win 5-2


I will post to let you know betting has kicked off and I will post again to let you know once betting is closed - any bet placed before or after my posts will not count.


Good luck!




Actual final score was 60 to 30 in favor of Team Fishbed. Official After Action Report here:



Congratulations to grunf for winning GM3's Score Betting competition and one AJS37 Viggen DCS Module!


We have received over 80 bets and here is Top 20.


Thanks again to all who took part in this:thumbup:



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1st Bet 14:8 Team Viggen

2nd Bet 10:8 Team Viggen


My Rig; Intel i7 3770K @ 3.5_32GB RAM_GTX 1080 _X55 Rhino Throttle_TM_Warthog Flight Stick_TM Pedals_28" 4K Eyeball Bleeding Monitor::doh:

Take off is optional, landing is not::pilotfly:

FC3; CA; NTTR; P51; Spitfire; F86F; Mig15; F5; KA-50; AJS 37 Viggen; UH-1H; F18C; A10-C;M2000;AV8B-N/A;Christen Eagle;

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First bet = Team Fishbed will win 20-16

Second bet = Team Fishbed will win 22-20

Main-Module: F-16C

Semi-Active-Modules: F/A-18C Hornet, F-14B, AJS37 Viggen, Mirage 2000C, UH-1D Huey, KA-50, SU-27, FW190, BF109, F-86, MIG-21, A-10C, C101, Gazelle, MI-8, SU-33

Maps: Syria, Persian Gulf, Caucasus, 1944 Normandy, NTTR

Hardware: VKB Gunfighter mk.2 Pro, Thrustmasters Wathog Throttle, VKB T-Rudder, HP Reverb G2

PC Specs: Intel 9900K, ASRock Phantom Gaming 7, 64GB DDR4 RAM, GeForce RTX 2080 TI, Win 10x64

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1st bet Tiger/Viggen will win 33-28


2nd bet Tiger/Viggen will win 45-36



"If you can't hit anything, it's because you suck. If you get shot down, it's because you suck. You and me, we know we suck, and that makes it ok." - Worst person in all of DCS


"In the end, which will never come, we will all be satisifed... we must fight them on forum, we will fight them on reddit..." - Dunravin

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