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Can't release weapons


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According to recent observation, alone with rocket jam previous noted,the rumor about prone-to jam strike weapon is not limited to only Nevada but a common feature to both field and weapon catagory since latest update.




As we can see on this pic.In this little interdiction,with even all settings good,all weapons just like glud on rack when you even push relase button through the stick.


What a shame when you dash pn treetop hundred miles but the cargo just refuse to leave on target!?十^ 皿^''''''''''

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Were you canceled out of DG/DM mode? I think that might inhibit A-G weapon release. At least I feel like it's been mentioned on the forums before.


e: also if this was multiplayer, someone mentioned that the aircraft seems to think one of the dogfight modes is enabled at start, so you have to enable and disable it before the internal systems state is properly synced. Could also be something to check.

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+1 to nomdeplume. This has been addressed in multiple threads going back to the F5 initial release.


Page 141 of the manual, item #9 discusses to operation of the "dogfight/resume switch" on the stick. To quote


"Center Position (Momentary Press) –

Releases DG and DM modes (if actuated) and

reactivates normal release circuitry.

Aft Position (Momentary Press) – Selects

DG mode and overrides all normal release


Forward Position (Momentary Press) –

Selects DM mode and overrides all normal

release circuitry."


I usually give a tap of the DF switch either way than back to center prior to running in AG as a precaution as nond mentioned. If that doesn't do the trick maybe posting a track might help, the mods and devs will need that as a first step towards detecting a bug, as well as giving the rest of us a chance to see what is going on.

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