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From which folder does DCS load the Kneeboard/Map from?


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My problem is that the F-86 and Mig15bis (only those two) don't have a kneeboard/map anymore.


The spot on the pilots knee where the map is suppose to be is empty - also when I open the kneeboard I only have the yellow notepad but can not turn pages. So i figure DCS doesnt load the map properly?


- I have the "Museum Relic" campaign

- I have played around with the DCS kneeboard builder a while ago. Had some errors and let it be. Maybe that messed up something? I can't remember what triggered it.


I'm a little desperate since I don't know what to do, has anybody a suggestion how to fix that? It happens with 1.5. and 2.0 alpha and only with those planes...?


Is there something like a "reset" of the map? Or a folder from an other plane I could copy?


Thanks for your help,


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Thanks, I will try that.

Is an addon campaign considered as "mod"?

I'm in the middle of the "Museum Relic" campaign and don't want to loose progress.

No, by mods I meant community made mods, not the official DLCs, modules and campaigns.

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Dear all,

I have had the problem with the F-86 for a long time that hitting LSHF+k does not flip the kneeboard pages backwards. Neither does the shortcut on the stick (which seems obvious).

Can anybody help?

Or are JG4_Sputnik and myself the only ones around who experience this 'bug'?

Help will be much aopreciated.

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