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Online logbook and official community hub


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Are there any plans to create an online logbook?


The user already have an account, if you add a logbook table linked and a webservice to register all data: flight hours, sessions, statistics, etc.


I lost my logbooks during time and I have standalone installation instead Steam. All my other games on Steam, I have hours played and achievments.


This information can be useful for developer get how much their products have been used by the customers.


The Bohemia Interactive created a social network for Arma III, people can create or join units:




The Alive MOD, people can create missions and all statistics can be send to central database to be viewed online in the War Room:




The DCS team could create a official community hub, with all VFWs with informations like oficial modules, website, forum, server, TS3, members, statistics, ranking, etc.


Other samples:





Virtual Airlines Manager



FS Airlines



Best regards.

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