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Need help with opentrack2.3 X&Z axes


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(Above video should easily explain my problem, please note I was only moving my head left to right.)


I just updated from 2.2 to 2.3, and whenever I turn my head from left to right(Yaw), there's a certain point where my X(lean L&R) and Z(zoom) would start moving as well. This sort of happened in 2.2, but simply adding dead zone solved the issue completely. I did that in 2.3 too, however It won't work due to the how huge the X&Z movement is. It basically reached the peak of my setting.


Everything else is just fine as long as I don't use X&Z. Thus, I have a feeling that It might have to do with the new 'camera offset' setting under in the option tab. Cause my PS3 Eye's mounted on my speakers(Left side) next to the monitor. I have no idea how those offset numbers work, but I tried playing around a little with no luck.


I'm out of idea, any help?:surrender:

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