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Bill & John - Ep II : Danger Attacks at Dawn

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The editing here is outstanding......


The Vid has some awsome action sequences, and at extremley high resolution.....


Its also very funny..... this is an A+






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What some of the non french speaking people may miss is the awesome accent of the flight instructor :D I don't see how to "translate" it, though :(


Awesome movie, guys :)

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And the screech-screech sound that Bills' A10 is making while taxieing :D . I heard it only when I was listening in my headphones connected only to front left/ front right channels in AC3 5.1 version.


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Very few movies of this type are amazingly comical on so many levels. I rank this up there with the South Park Jesus -v- Santa before South Park became a series. I remember downloading that overnight on the companie's 28.8 line. Truly effing hilarious!


I'm downloading a couple others to keep it honest but from what I've seen this by far takes the cake (and hopefully the awards too :megalol: ) A TEN!

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It's been a long time since I've been to the forums (sorry guys, stuff happening around :/).


Anyways, the video was awesome, really liked the effects and the whole "you got to be really unlucky for this to happen" story! :D


You made my day! :D

"Where you will be reunited with an old friend...the thrill of battle." - Admiral Tolwyn, Wing Commander IV

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