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"Connection timed out" on server join


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I've been having this problem since I got DCS... I'm simply unable to join large servers because it'll sit on the loading screen for a while, then boot me back to the MP menu with the message "Connection timed out". I can join less taxing servers like Aerobatics Online, but even those will still boot me at least once. Specs are as follows:


DCS 1.5.5

Intel Core i5 @ 3.1GHz




When I'm actually in the game, everything runs very smoothly, it's just the whole "joining" part that kills it. I suspect something like low memory... but I'm not sure. Any ideas as to what may be occurring? I really want to fly Blue Flag :helpsmilie:

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I don't get red shield with KneeboardBuilder nor the fact that I've slimmed down the main game folder kneeboard.


On timeout think about your ping levels as lsisted in the server list. If you in the several hundreds you are asking a lot.


Can you run your own server - 'New Server' in MP. Can anyone else see it?


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I use VPN when things getting worse. I'm an active Blue Flag player and since the server is in Europe, very far away from my location, using VPN (Avira Phantom) and connect it to Europe base server really help. It goes from 300 to 250. I can't guarantee it'll work for you tho because the results may vary.


Good luck

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RST MI, if you set your graphics to low, do you have the same problem?

We had a team mate in our team what has some low specs, he had the same problem.


He was turning the settings all to low, and his problem was solved, we turned up one by one the details settings.


hope this will solve your problem as well..


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