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Position lights to "flash" issue


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I think all of the position lights are supposed to flash when set to "flash". The upper and lower auxiliary position lights on the outer wings do not flash. I think they should along with the primary position lights on the engine intakes and the white tail lights. Also, the under fuselage lights (the two white lights under the cockpit) should flash in unison with the rest. Correct me if I'm wrong. I only know the F-4 Phantom II had similar lighting and I observed all those lights would flash in unison. The F-5's tail strobe or rotating beacon would, of course, flash independently, as you have it doing. Modern aircraft have strobes or flashing LEDs. The original F-5E had a rotating beacon. I believe two small directional lights (mounted together in opposite directions inside the vertical tail) would rotate about 150 degrees left and right. I'd like an option for the rotating beacon effect, if you could.

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