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Various Mig-29 loading images for different models


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So now that we have the new Mig-29A and G models with the 1.5.5 update along with a new loading screen image. Both the Mig-29A and G have the same image which shows a Russian AF Mig-29A coming in to land.


As for the Mig-29G and upcoming S model. How about some different images?


Feel free to make a suggestion of your own or post a reference image if you like.


For the Mig-29G, I was thinking of the plane flying away from you, banking about 40 degrees to the left, left engine at full burner, and right engine at medium burner with some over wing or body vapor.


As for the Mig-29S, somewhat similar except the plane is facing towards you in an aggressive manner and has fired an R-77 at you. This one can be either Russian AF, Syrian AF, Ukrainian or any that it's operated by.




Planes: FC3, P-51, F-86, F-5E, Mirage 2000, F/A-18, F-14, F-16, Mig-19P :joystick:


ED pls gib A-4 and F-4 :cry:

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