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button box project ideas


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I found I makers space near where I live and they have a laser cutter, CNC mils, 3D printers, and a Arduino electronic lab

now the first ting I would like to build is a custom button box using DCS-BIOS

while building a full simpit would be cool its just not practical for me right now

I'm asking you guys for some ideas of what switches and knobs I should put on it. I'm talking about things that would be a pain to switch to my mouse to hi in the A10c in flight

I'm thing landing gear, ILS Tacan, radio frq,

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Lucky you!


Heres what I'm planning to put on mine, radar (for the M2000 FC3) Autopilot mode, steerpoint mode, cockpit light is a big one I say. I'm going to replace radar with light I think. Also my VFS switches are variable function switches (got a better name?) So i can make them waht ever I want in game. Eject and master arm might be something you want too, master caution silence could be nice too.




And might I reccomend locking lever switches? They're a little more than standard but they add a really nice feel. You don't use them on every function, just the ones you dont wanna bump. I'm planning on using 2 position on-on locking lever for landing gear 3 position on-on-on for my flaps and 2 position on-off-momentary. Thats a switch that locks into the off position and is momentary in the on. I plan to use those for the engines.




and if you want to go the realistic but pricey option you can go milspec.




(I'm a switch nut)


Also I've never used DCS-bios before. But isn't arduino easier?



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I made a Throttle/button box that I call the ConTrollR :)

It has 8 axes, 5 rotary encoders and a bunch of buttons. Even made a Ejection handle for it :)

It uses locking Honeywell switches for flaps and gear.

Controlled by a Teensy ++2 and MMJoy2 software.

MMJoy2 is a great software for this. It allows for programming switches to send "pulses" when turned on and off. Repeat pulses for the ejection handle. Pulse timing for the encoders.






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