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Full(?) list of 1.5.5/2.0.3 Modern Ground Unit Mods as of (14 Nov 16)


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So I had a heck of a time finding cool ground unit mods (that still work) the old "here's all the mods" thread doesn't seem to have been touched since 2015. So figured I'd make this, as much for my own use as everyone else. :smartass:


The list below is for mods that add new modern-ish ground units/vehicles. I'm not including any game play, module, tools, etc.


Please post any I've missed that are known to be working right now and I'll update the first post. Like I said, they're scattered all over the forums so I'm sure I've missed plenty.


That said... here we go:


Ranger79's Mod Pack v 2.4.1.

Adds numerous modern vehicles and base building equipment.Working in 1.5.5 and 2.0.3 for the OP.

Link for download in post below.



476th VFG Air Weapons Range Objects v 1.6

Adds new objects to DCS World for use as practice targets.

Working in 1.5.5 and 2.0 for the OP.

Others have reported issues in 1.5.5. See thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=176962

Download from the 476th VFG website.



Tents, Watchtowers, Helipads, etc. by upuaut (version # ?)

Adds just a whole crap load of stuff.

Working in 1.5.5 and 2.0.3 for the OP. Minor bugs but no game breakers and upuaut is very active at updating.

Download links in the post below.



Vehicule Pack CA Ready by Lilkiki (RIP)

Adds- MBT T-72M2, MBT Centurion Mk1, MBT Chieftain Mk5, MBT M60A1 Patton, BTR-60, ZIL-41047 Soviet Limousine

Working in 1.5.5 for OP, not tested in 2.0.3.

Download links in the post below.



"Fire Objects" by Lilkiki (updated by Stonehouse)

Adds invisible objects that can be blown up to add lasting fire/smoke.

Working in 1.5.5 and 2.0 for OP.

Full thread is the first link. Download for working version is the second link.




Light AAA Pack by Lilkiki

Adds several new types of AAA if your tired of ZSU-23's.

Working in 1.5.5 for OP, not tested in 2.0.3

Download link in the post below.



AT Soldier Mod by Morkva_55 (submitted to thread by Robin_Hood on 14 Nov 16)

Adds three ATGM-equipped infantry units.

Working in 1.5.5, not tested in 2.0.3.

Download link in the post below.



Again, please post if you know of others that are working and I'll update. Hopefully there are enough key words in here to help out folks searching forums that go back to the original game versions. :)



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