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Track file data incomplete after recording a certain number of events


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It's a known fact that some track files will not play back properly. This has been a problem since at least 2014, and continues into version 1.5 Openbeta


The symptom is that after a certain point, the player pilot will no longer be receiving input commands. ie: it will continue its trajectory until crash after a certain specific point, but it appears random to the user. Suggestions include the time zoom function, but that only matters at extreme acceleration levels. The right suggestion is that it has to do with TrackIR (or event count), but nothing ever came of it.


A .trk file is zip file that contains the mission, input data, random seed, options, and other stuff.


I looked at track files that I could not play back properly, and the size ranged from 51884KB to 67005KB so it doesn't seem certain types of errors are at cause. I'm guessing that the entries in the track database are variable length, and it's a total entry count that's causing the problem. This could be a programming limitation or LUA limitation. I don't know, but I'm requesting this long-standing bug be brought up to the front again. I'm willing to test it.

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it doesnt "stop" registering inputs, it appears more like desync, the inputs end up desynced from the rest of the world.


i've played back tracks and noticed that the replay I pulled out of a dive significantly later in the replay than I did live,


from that point on in the track my Aircraft nearly hit the ground a dozen times, and eventually when I went to land I belly landed about 2 miles off the end of the runway.



I've also seen my replay aircraft desync and dive right into the ground because the track input was delayed from the actual live event (ie I Pulled out of a Dive at 5K, but the Replay Aircraft continued on to 1500K before pulling out and lawn darting.

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This is long known problem and it's still not fixed.


At some point in track a kind of sudden desync happens with objects' coordinates.


In almost all of my tracks the plane miss runway by 100-200m during landing and crashes into trees or buildings.


The same bug causes crashes into hills. Your plane's path in track is shifted by 100-200m from actual position on map. It also shows you shooting at thin air while targed is few hundreds meters away from position.



To ED devs: please make some bug hunting and fix that problem. Too many beautiful flights miss youtube because of broken tracks.

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