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v1.5.5, great update!


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did i notice it correctly, that the mig-29G has HD model now too?


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....one issue for me.....you can't see stars at night without using NVGs. I'm guessing that was done to accommodate VR.

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Yes, great update. The game will get stuck in a loading screen when I disable the TF-51


Yeah and my car's turn signals stopped working when I ripped the steering wheel out SMH [/sarcasm]


I haven't had the cursor issue, and all the other bugs are very minor in my experience.


Considering the myriad of long standing issues fixed (flanker wheels popping, F-86 flap pitching, Su-33 fuel gauge etc) and the numerous features added (tactical marks, F-5 FM changes, new stuff in esc menu, wing flex!) I think it was a wonderful update!


The fact that it's buggy should be a surprise to no one. You have to remember 1.5.4 changed fewer things but had a 3-4 week long beta. This update changed way more and its beta period lasted ONE week.

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