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Mod Request: Roads/Tracks?


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BLUF: Would anyone be willing to create some small pieces of dirt road and small pieces of train track?



So last night I was using some of the 476th range objects to lay out an accurate SA3 site. It's really starting to look great with their dirt mounds around each launcher and the two radars in the middle a bunker and some of their other objects places around what represents the reload vehicles off to one side.


That alone made the site look much cooler and easier to spot from the air.


What I realized was missing from the photos online was the dirt pads and roads running from the launchers to the radar to the command bunker to the reload area.


It seems like if we were able to lay some paths down they could be seen from the air it would really finish it off and they would be useful for other things military bases excetera. By way of example define object from the 476th pack. If you were to remove the tires and chop that up into say a 20-foot 100 foot + 300 foot piece and a piece with a 45 or 90 degree turn on the end a guy can make lots of things.


Basically ditto all the above but with pieces of rail.


I would love to be able to give it a go myself but I just don't have time to teach myself that many programs :-)


Thanks in advance if anyone takes interest in this.




PS: big thanks to all of you mod makers especially vehicle an object guys they really had a lot to the game for me.

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