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Converting a units orientation to a "heading"? (Script help)

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The "addGroup" function takes a "heading" as an argument to position the unit when spawning it. I need this heading to be the same as heading as a previously spawned unit. I reckon I get the heading of the previously spawned unit from this function. But how do I convert it to a single number "heading" needed for the addgroup function?



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function getHeading(unitpos, northCorrection)

if unitpos then

local Heading = math.atan2(unitpos.x.z, unitpos.x.x)

if northCorrection then

Heading = Heading + northCorrection


if Heading < 0 then

Heading = Heading + 2*math.pi -- convert to rad


return Heading




You may want to provide northCorrection for a true north heading.

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Thank you!


Can you please eloborate on why I need correction for a "true" north heading?


In F10 map, you have geographic North... In aircrafts, usually you have magnetic North... the correction depends on where are you flying. The game gives you Geographic, usually, since it is based on map.

Caucasus magnetic = geographic - 6°

Nevada magnetic = geographic - 11°

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