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Saitek Cyborg X fly 5 won't go straight


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Here is my problem,


When i'm flying the A-10C i'm experiencing a problem: my plane wont go straight if i drop off my hand from the joystick, it's very problematic because i'm trying to do some air refueling but i can't do it because of this.


I'm using a Saitek/Madcatz Cyborg X FLY 5 joystick.


Can someone help me ?


Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the forum


make sure your stick is correctly centered


and also make sure when flying that you don't have an asymmetrical loadout, otherwise it will roll due to unbalanced weight, and then you have to trim that out


I tryied without any loadout , it doesn't solved the problem and i have looked in my joystick software, it look like it's center.

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DCS will auto-bind pitch and roll to any controller plugged in to your PC, check your control options and be sure you don't have duplicate axis bindings.


As others have noted, the aircraft will not fly in a perfectly straight line on its own, but it shouldn't be going crazy any time you let go of the stick either.

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Now it makes sense


If you say the nose will go up, i assume you go faster, and with that, you will increase lift and without trim, your nose will go up, when slowing down, the nose will drop. Also, to confirm this, load a plane without armament and fly faster, you'll see that your nose will rise, that's totally normal, so you have to trim that out

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No , my plane is not trimmed in roll.




I have checked for miss binding in the axis , but that looks good.




I've done a test fly with no payloads and gun rounds only fuel:


-the nose is always going up,it goes to 45 degrees until stalling.


-only the PAC/ARM switch can counter a little that issue.


So if i have understand , it's a trim problem.


But how can i trim the A10C ? in pitch or roll ?


EDIT:FIXED i have trimmed the airplane , thank you all i can now air refueling :D

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