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is weird graphics normal?


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FC2 is no longer supported AFAIK, And uses an OLD DirectX Graphics API that may not work well inside of Windows 10 due to WDDM Changes for Graphics Cards.


You can Use the Su-25T for Free within DCS World, and Can Either Purchase FC3 as a Whole or F-15, Su27, Su25 or A-10A as separate modules (with Su-33 and Mig-29 separate FC Modules Coming later as they are upgraded).


FC3 Offers a significant upgrade over FC2 in Graphics, Flight Models, and weapons, as well as UI, and several underlying engines.

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Hi everyone, i am new in here .i have problem with graphics in FC2. it really looks so weird . Can you help me guys?

My system i7 4770+16gb+r9 270x+win 10 -64


Apart from the obvious (running an unsupported 32-bit DX9 application on a Win10 64-bit) it looks to me, like you happen to get a mix of summer and winter textures?


Did you try different Texture settings (high, medium, low), does this appear on all of them?



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