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Questions about Random System Failures


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Hi. I had some questions about random system failures. I've read other threads about this but couldn't find an answer.


First Question: Does enabling that setting in the options menu, allows me to have failures that has been set by the mission maker in the editor? Or does it just enable failures, regardless of what has been set in the editor unit options?


2nd question is about the setting in the mission editor. we have 3 parameters there. After, Within and Probability.


Let's exclude "After" for this example. Let's say I've set the player to have an engine error within 30 minutes with %50 probability. Does this mean he's safe for the rest of the mission after 30 minutes, if he doesn't experience any failure? Or does that mean he'll have another 30 minutes with 50% probability (and so on, until he eventually has a failure)?


I hope I've made everything clear here. Just let me know if you need me to clarify what I was asking for. Have a nice day and thank you all for your time.

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I believe that the option settings does what it says - enables random failures without any input in the mission editor. However, I do not know what is the probability of them happening, probably similar to bird strikes set to 100% ;)


In ME you select the failures and even though you can select probability, it still is not entirely random and will work - if set - no matter if random failures are ticked or not.


After gives you safe time to fly before the probability kicks in. I think the game will check only once if you will have the failure or not, though I am not sure when it would occur (i.e. exactly after the given time or at any time after it passes)


Within gives you a specific timeframe. You should be safe before or after that time.

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