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Adding the MiG-29A/S/G IFF Mode for the IRSL

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Hello guys, I've been messing around with some scripts here and there trying to enable or implement the IFF Radar mode for the MiG-29 IRST 'KOLS'.


As I started all of my procedures, I went for the MiG-29c input and tried to add the script that enables the control option on the input settings and I made it, now the the 3 MiG-29s have the MFD Repeater Mod On/Off option, however, when pressing that I got to realize that it doesn't work, thinking that it was previously implemented to the game originally by ED and it could be activated.


So I went back to the Script, database to try to compare the Su-33 and the MiG-29 radars since their scripting are commonly made thinking they both aren't fully simulated modules. So I re-named the IRST of the MiG-29 to the Su-33/27's 'OLS-27' then tried to look around for any device_init or devices .lua files specifically for the MiG-29 so I thought they're all combined together for the FC3 one, then I couldn't find anything to activate for the the MiG-29 from these two files when I looked there and the MFD's still not changing, so any idea guys? Any thought about what should I do? Do I need to do more than scripting in-order to get that to work? Any thought's highly appreciated guys,


Thank you.

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