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Obutto R3Volution tricking out

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I just recently purchased and set up a Obutto R3Volution. I am running 1 ultra wide monitor on in TR, and headphones exclusive. It has the warthog specific mounts, the warthog hotas and combat paddles and the 2 table extensions.



I am looking for more ideas on how to trick it out. Besides some well though out cable management and a mounted blue snowball mic, I am pretty much lacking options.



MFCDS would be awesome, however i would have no idea where to mount them, I would also I would love a butt kicker, however they seem to be out of stock.



Any and all other ideas on how to add to immersion and pimp this desk out would be great appreciated.



I also have a Rift, however the resolution is just not there for me yet.



plan to use the desk for gaming, from keyboard mouse, joystick flight sims, all the way to star citizen when it drops.




Thanks in advance!




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Hello Sea_Gull.

I got a thought for MFCD's to be placed on the center platform just below the main monitor. Are you going to run another monitor for MFCD's. I placed a 23in for mine and took apart the screen base mounting plate and took the hinge and screwed it to the table of my pit you could bolt it or place it on a secondary piece to the center table. It could be temp if you placed it on its own piece easy to move when gaming with out MFCD.





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I Currently have a 22" monitor attached to the center mount that is temporarily displaying gauges until my real Huey panel arrives. The plan is to mount 10x30x1" plank directly to the center mount and then mount two 22" monitors side by side to the plank to cover the entire Huey instrument panel.


I also made a quick diy speaker mount for the rear speakers. Just a wooden dowel, a "U" bolt, a couple pipe tie downs and a couple 4" pieces of 2x4 for the speakers to rest on. I can try to take a few more pics for ya if you would like!


I currently have a center pedestal that I used for my bell 206 sim but the plane is to obviously build s Huey pedestal Later down the road to house the control panels.


I really dig the obutto man and I'm sure you will also! There is soo many ways to modify and make this baby fit your favorite dcs module! I might even build a Huey fuselage around it! Lol


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