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Making a DCS aircraft mode

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Hey DCS community, I'm new here to this community website, so I hope I'm posting this thread at the right place.


My name is Eric, I'm a huge fan of this game, have spent a lot of time playing it and all, I'm currently thinking about making some a new aircraft module, most probably about the F-16C, F-22 and the SU-50 PAK Fa, with their 4th Generation navigation smartscreens, as I have gathered a lot of accurate information and abilities in numbers on paper, yet I am kinda new to the whole idea of how one is supposed to make an inter model out of some files, I'm only starting now, I've looked at some .lua stuff through the Notepad++ and the codes seemed hardcore, is there a particular pattern you guys are taking to simplify such codes when creating the commands and attaching them to a specific button in an aircraft?


I really hope you guys can at least point out a thing or two about the things I need to work on to create an aircraft module.


P.S. I hope I'm not bothering or anything.


Best regards,



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