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Ive seen clocks from MiGs sold in markets in St Petersburg. I dont think it was from a -29 though, if memory serves, the last one I saw was from a -27. I was interested and picked it up, which brought a less than friendly "put that down." At that, I figured I better ask the price, and he wanted something like 500$ US. Of course, there is always room to barter, but its still pretty damn expensive.

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TekaTeka your the man, thanks :thumbup:


Edit: PS: although the file "seems" clean, Scan and found nothing. But I dont recommend you set the settings with Fade in and Fade out... and Show Flash movie in random...


had issues with that one lol, popup errors, that would not stop poping...

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speaking about clocks, this is a little OT but i like these Mig watches






Or better yet maybe some Sukhoi watches






Hello could you tell me where I can find something abot that "sukhoi" watches? I tried that homesite but I didnt find it. Please If you can send mee a link.

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Thanks, for advice. I am going to buy some wathes, I got my favourite and this "sukhoi" look also nice. I wold like to buy this one


Problem is that nobody ships this watches to my country resp. Europe. And here in my country, they cost about 1000$ instead 280$ as on ewatches.com or amazon. And 1000$ is too much for mee :huh: . So I am still thinking how to buy it for US prize.

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