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Track IR not working since last World 2.0 update

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Since last update, my Track IR doesn't work in World 2.0. I have Nevada installed.


It works fine in World 1.5 (updated too), and the other simulators I have.


I use Track IR 4, with 5.4.2 software and the Game List updated in it.

Windows 7, 10gb Ram, i7, Warthog HOTAS, Saitek rudders.


There is someone with same problem?



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This might help http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2822725&postcount=134

I used it to put TrackIR settings back to the way they were in 1.5.3

Worth a try for the new 2.0.3

I haven't got around to 2.0alpha in a while, but I might do just to check this.

OS:Win10 Home CPU:i7 3770K 3.5(@4.3GHz) COOLER:ZalmanCNPS10X-PERFORMA MOBO:GigabyteGA-Z77X-UD5H SSD#1:SamsungEVO850Pro 500GB SSD#2:SanDisk240GB HDD:2x Seagate2TB GFX:GigabyteGTX670 WF3 2GB OC1058MHz RAM:16GB 16000MHz DDR3 KEYB'Ds:Corsair K95/MS SidewinderX4 MOUSE:LogitechG700s MON:2x ASUS 24” ROUTER:ASUS RT-N66U DarkKnight INTERWEBS:Fibre152Mbps/12Mbps JOYSTICK:TM T16000m Modded THROTTLE:TM TWCS HEADTRACK:TrackIR5Pro

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