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EFM Flight Model

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Hi all,


Sorry this has likely been asked tons of times but I've been away from the community for sometime and am wanting to dust off my joystick.


Don't think there has been a better time to with these exciting releases upcoming.


Anyway when I was around the new flight model was going to be a paid for upgrade is this still the case or is everyone going to be upgraded.


See theirs some issues with the Hawk at the moment having worked on the beta team and with Chris before life got busy I hope it's not to long before it's stable again.


Regards TimeKilla


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Hi TimeKilla,


I think everyone is having the EFM now, and the "falling from the sky" issue being resolved, I think we're on a stable situation at the moment.

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Hey mate, welcome back to the land of DCS.


Yes everyone now has the EFM for free and we are tweaking it based on further pilot feedback.


Weapons have been fixed and should hopefully be in the next patch and as Xjiks said the falling-out-the-sky issue has been resolved.




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The problem child is behaving again.

General 3D modeling thread and reference sites

UK liveries for planes, ships and MODS.

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