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Hello folks.


Here is my latest work, another dogfight movie featuring F-15's vs SU-27's.


Most likely the most fastpaced and most sound intensive movie i've done yet.


Enjoy :thumbup:




Streaming version:


PS: My site is STILL not done!



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Awesome movie! (as usual :thumbup: )

The best is the scene when camera floats around F-15 at 1:00. Sound effects are great too.


I also have one question: what is the advantage of using Fraps instead of built-in recorder?

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Fantastic work again dude! Really like this one...you tease us with the "to be continued"!


864mb of your movies on my HD and looking forward to the next addition.


Is it possible for you to show us a comparitive screenshot of the footage you record before and after editing?

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Great as usually! You still develope your skills and aim the good direction. Keep it up! Personally I wonder aren't you a little bit tired making movies in the same tight enviroment? I lost my verve some time ago. Maybe this will change after BS release. I think about making feather movie with a storyline ( You know - dialogs, actors, etc.) but this could cost a lot of work...


Best regards mate! :thumbup:

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Thanks for your comments. :)


I'll post a screenshot of "before and after editing" just for comparison, later on.

I use Fraps because everything happens there and then, and its ALOT quicker than using the .AVI tool, and IMO, there is very little difference between the fraps footage, and the .avi footage AFTER rendering.


And yeah, sometimes i DO really get fed up with making movies, but shooting and recording the footage is not really the time consuming work. But the editing part is.


For this movie, i dunno HOW many gigs of footage i recorded, nor do i know how many clips i didnt end up using either.


The movie sorta "becomes" what it is as you're making it, making you realize that, although many clips are very cool, you simply just dont need to use them, cause they will just stall what will happen later on anyway (as in the chase scene, where the f-15 suddenly becomes the prey for the su-27).

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Nice movie, very cool camera angles.



you know how i am, there is always a but ;)

What im gonna say now is not to criticize your movie but just trying to help so you can make a better movie.


When I watched this movie, yeah it was cool, but I didnt understand a thing of what was happening. yeah cool camera angles and stuff but that isnt enough for making a good movie. thats the problem of the most lockon movie makers.

And i know it is not easy to make movies.

when you show this movie to a person that dont know anything about jets(what is a f15 or a su27)

he wouldnt even now what is happening in the movie, its so fast, he wouldnt know who the enemy is, who are the good ones, why are they fighting each others, are they the same planes?


I hope you understand what i mean. I think you should try to make a movie but not with the music in mind but with the story even if its a short clip.

You first search a good music then you edit the clips on the music, and thats wrong.

Try to first make a story, edit the movie without music, then search a good music that fits.

Thats something you see in the best il2 movies, they are good because they are telling something, the one who watch knows who is who, he get absorbed in the movie and watch it till the end.


in these kind of movies, you havent started to understand the story that you already see the end credits.

Action scene, can be fast(or should be) but that doesnt mean they have to be total chaos, you have to know what you are doing.

And you didn't convinced me to wait for the continue part.

Even a video clip is more then just nice camera angles and effects.


sorry for my bad english ;)






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Thanks for your comments Donkey, and i know exactly what you're talking about.


In this movie, there isn't a story, just an excuse to have a wild dogfight where they're going at it. I'm not even sure if i have the patience to make a long story movie, cause i have absolutly NO story ideas that i think would go to good use. Although, sometime i think i simply have to give it a go, but this movie is more pointed towards the lomac crowd and those who likes a fast action sequence.

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C'mon Glowing Amraam you can do it :D . I waited this movie after seing the trailer hoping to be the first of you with some story... obviosly the "terorist had stolen 4 Su-27s" was just a pretext for a cool dogfight. Btw... no cobra?? :) Well I guess they were just some terorists and not good trained pilots :P.


But, returning to the movie... the entering was so well done (besides that smoke that could have been bent by the wind that Teka Teka told you about :P ) and then as if you got tired... Bang! Rock and roll baby! And then even more... when finaly we had some... story... two remaing duelists fighting for life... To be continued :( .


I'll watch the next part, no problem but still...


When I saw your movie I thought about that sequence in the "Behind enemy lines" movie when those guys got powned by that SAM. Well... the movie was... bad? ok... the scene was... highly fiction but...


That scene is one of that finest fast paced "dogfight" scene from a movie (I dont care it was too "fantasy"). Why is so nice? Well even cut out from the movie is standing. It tells a story... there are caracters. The pilots... the bad guy that operates the SAM (and not only... bleah :) ), even the misiles are caracters. Look at the "drama" building in that scene... is very cool. It doesn't save the movie but...


So... is not realy necesarely to make a novell out of your movies, I think it will be a good addition just to try to make caracters more often from your... peons.


here's a linky: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iB_W0Hpda5o


heh... nice ejection sequence also :P



Nice film though... yours ;) .


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Great work GA!

Your movies always give you those kick of adrenaline moments which are always worth watching over, and over..and the effects you use always so surreal, amazing.


I have a few STORY ideas :)

-Young pilot in training to the day when called to battle.

-A day on the base.(highly active airport, routine training flight)

-AFM/BFM training. Pilot training day.

-MIA .Downed pilot, advance of airforces to secure extraction.

-Naval warfare , Topgun style :P A day in the life of a Navy Pilot.




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Nice ejection secuence and also one of the most ridiculous scene since Top Gun.


OH MY GOD ¡¡¡¡ RWR flashing with a pure passive Strela 7 or 10 ? Also indicating the missile position and closing in?


And 3 minutes of sweet dancing between a Mach 2 missiles and a subsonic Hornet at low level.


" Missile launh missile launch, three miles and closing in " HAHAHAHAHAHA


3 minutes to run 3 miles at Mach 2 , i think my grandmother runs faster than this.


But nice nose of the copilot...

" You must think in russian.."



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As always another top notch movie from a top notch movie maker :thumbup:. I'm afraid I have to disagree with Little_Donkey. The fast paced action is what I like to see. I do agree I'd like to see a movie with a proper storyline though, however I've never seen one that works really well. I think it may be best if you stick to the fast paced stuff ;).


I'd also like to ask a few questions about your movies.


1. How many of the jets in your vids are AI controlled? Do you and a friend dogfight or is it you and the AI?


2. Also, I know you use a lot of effects in your movies which really enhance the Lock On Graphics IMO. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm trying to just copy what you do but in my new movie I'm looking to add similar sort of effects. I was just wondering what is the name of the effect you use or is it just simply Contrast/Brightness? I'm using a "Convolution Kernel" effect in Premiere yet as you can see from the pic below, the video seems to lose it's sharpness. Any ideas on what I should do?



3. What mouse sensitivity settings do you use?


Sorry for the thread hijack. If a moderator feels this would be more appropriate in a new thread then by all means please move/delete this one :).


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This movie was created using myself and AI jets. Nothing more ;)


My effects? Well, i use color contrast increase, and glow and "movie looks" plugin for Vegas. Sorry, cant help out with the premiere stuff, never used it.


And my mouse setting? Well, i have the logitech G5 mouse and i can control the sens by the click of a button. But i havent really done much to the sens in the game.


And yeah, maybe ill let the su-27 win this time.....maybe :P

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And yeah, maybe ill let the su-27 win this time.....maybe :P


You mean, that the F-15 is the badguy..? :megalol:

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Great as usually! You still develope your skills and aim the good direction. Keep it up! Personally I wonder aren't you a little bit tired making movies in the same tight enviroment? I lost my verve some time ago. Maybe this will change after BS release. I think about making feather movie with a storyline ( You know - dialogs, actors, etc.) but this could cost a lot of work...


Best regards mate! :thumbup:


hey poko ,

just want to start by sayin ive seen your work and i love your movies as well as GA. But ive started making a movie series just as you mentioned above and I need help with voice, actors, pilots etc. ... because i can only do so much by myself. take a look at my first episode in the "screenshots and movies" section and see what you think bud. I would like GA to consider working with me as well I think with such great film makers like yall we can really take lockon movies to the next level. I understand if you want do the solo thing its understandable but dont hesitate to give me a buzz.:thumbup:


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No, just that the F-15 has always won in my movies ;P



And flankers seem to win all the time in other movies. What's the problem? ;)


Reminder: SAM = Speed Bump :D

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